14-piece tea set from Bát Tràng

14-piece tea set from Bát Tràng


❂ introducing artisinal gems from around the world, which contribute to preserving traditional culture and improving the livelihood of ethnic groups and women in particular ❂

The art of drinking tea: 14-piece tea set from Bát Tràng, Vietnam. The village is located in an area rich in clay suitable for making ceramic. Bát Tràng ceramics are considered some of the best known porcelain products in Vietnam. The history of ceramic making in this village can be traced back as far as the 14th century AD.

5% of each sale will go directly to Circle of Health International to support mothers and children in crisis around the world.

  • consists of 6 cups (Diam. 2 3/8”), 6 saucer (cups; Diam. 4 1/8”), tea pot (Ht. 5”, Diam. 4 1/2”), 1 saucer (tea pot, Diam. 4 3/4”)

  • made in Vietnam

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